What is Peak Hotness?

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The Mindy Project

We once had a heated debate on when a person reaches his or her “Peak Hotness” in his/her lifetime. After a very scientific research project (i.e. asked few other friends), we concluded that most women reach their Peak Hotness — their best and most confident self, mentally and physically — right before their wedding day.* They have just finished diet sprints up to D-Day, and looking leaner and slightly starved, they are so happy with their lives, glowing with love, and ready to flaunt their bodies.

This site is dedicated to everything self improvement. We plan to discuss and share knowledge, links, success/failure stories, recommendations, jokes, or thoughts regarding workout/diet habits, career planning, dating, or whatever else that has to do with us trying to reach and/or maintain our best selves.  Hope you enjoy our thoughts, rants, and stories.

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*There was some argument for Peak Hotness being reached in senior year in high school. Then that argument was quickly shot down since we remembered most of our boobs filled in later. (Though some of us are still waiting.) There was also argument from few married friends who said they’re at their Peak now, but after they checked with their husbands (and arguing over the truth), it was concluded that their PH was reached indeed right before their wedding day. See? Scientific.